the goal of our effort lead you to discover new horizons

Flower Flamboyant means “the goal of our efforts”. The crab means to feed curiosity in all levels. In fact the exploration of the world around you leads to discovering new horizons and vibrant life.


“A Stay-at-Home” Mural Festival - PangeaSeed Foundation, Sea Walls and Whanganui Walls

Playa del Carmen - Mexico


long life is beauty and good fortune

The golden pheasant as a symbol of beauty and good fortune as well as the pear flower represent a long life. The art of embroidery in China has a long tradition, it has an elegant and a romantic character. The tittle of the painting "Long life" as well as the circle with the pear tree and flowers accentuate their pursuit of infinity.

the effects of light and shadow are reminiscent of western paintings.

My painting expresses the hope that this part of Chinese culture will not disappear.


Color Way of Love

Shanghai/Pudong - China


joie-de-vivre and variety

The beautiful poppies and lovely bumblebees fulfill all your wishes - the ardent desire for "joie-de-vivre" and variety while the circle stands for infinity.


Jack & Queen Store

Silandro/Alto Adige - Italy


toucan sits on the architectural abstraction

Collaboration with @kidghe


Mexico City - Mexico


positive social connection

The dolphins as a symbol of connection, empathy and different from soft happiness as well as the flower "Plumeria" a positivity and beauty, while the circle stands for infinity.


Hawaii School for the Deaf and the Blind

Honolulu/Hawaii - USA