Color Way of Love

     Nippon Paint











"eternal love"


The butterfly is a symbol endowed with a variety of good meanings. Because of its gorgeous colours and environmental damage, there are hundreds of endangered butterflies today. The artist majilina uses the red color which represents happiness and harmony in Chinese culture as the creative elements. She hopes that people can pay attention to butterflies and have a mentally of protecting such beautiful creatures spontaneously through her works, so that human's love for animals can be everlasting in the world.

If butterflies represent a fragile beauty then wisteria is wrought beauty. No matter what difficulties the climate and soil set up for it, wisteria flowers can survive in the local tenacious, so this species has been widely spread since ancient times, butterflies attracted by such beauty, and lingering. The artist hopes to create such a beautiful picture with butterflies and wisteria flowers, so that the audience can accept and protect the beauty of different forms.

Tree butterflies dance around wisteria flowers. Are they lovers, family members or friends? Whatever their relationship, their love for each other spills over into the picture, passing it on the viewer. The love between butterflies, the love between humans for animals and the love between humans and butterflies for beauty and other different love are condensed in this work, which is permanently preserved and can be passed on to more people.


text by majilina